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We have a rich background in corporate photography and photojournalism. Our work has appeared in magazines, newspapers, newsletters and countless corporate pieces.

Our humanitarian work includes national and international travel to document the relief work of Medical Teams International after the South Asia tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and other areas in Africa, Eastern Europe and Central America. Numerous pieces are also on permanent display in their headquarters office and the "Real.Life." Exhibit.

Medical Teams Intenational photos used with permission.

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1 Tsunami Destruction 2 Moped rides through tsunami destruction 3 Painter in Hurricane Katrina destruction 4 Hurricane Katrina clean up 5 Maternal & child clinic 6 Net fishing on Niger River
1 Hoodie Baby 2 Cleft Lip Child 3 Indonesian Fisherman 4 Indonesian Girl 5 Mothers at clinic 6 Romanian Women
1 Parrot Tulips 2 Lupine and Scotch Broom 3 Mt Hood at Sunset 4 Dogwood 5 Mt. Assinaboine 6 Burned Forest
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